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SonRock cleaning service residential cleaning

SonRock Cleaning Service
Residential Cleaning

Custom Residential Home Cleaning Solutions: Tailored to Your Needs

Elevate your home's cleanliness with SonRock Cleaning Service, where we offer a wide range of residential cleaning solutions tailored to your lifestyle. From weekly and bi-weekly standard cleans to in-depth deep cleaning services, our team ensures your living space is spotless and inviting. Looking for daily upkeep? Our daily maid service provides the ultimate convenience, keeping your home pristine with regular care.

Need A Vacation Home Cleaning Service?

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Friends on Vacation

Premier Vacation Home Cleaning Services

Elevate your vacation rental with SonRock's reliable cleaning services, tailored for Airbnb and Vrbo properties. Avoid the risks of unreliable cleaners missing crucial turnovers. Our professional team ensures your property is spotless for every guest, offering peace of mind and securing your rental’s success. Choose SonRock for consistent excellence and make every guest's stay memorable.


Ready for Post-Construction Cleaning?

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Expert Post-Construction Cleaning Services

After the builders leave, SonRock Cleaning Service steps in to transform your construction site into a pristine, welcoming space. Our Post-Construction Cleaning Excellence service tackles the dust, debris, and remnants of construction, ensuring every surface shines and every space breathes cleanliness. We understand the importance of a thorough clean-up after construction to not only enhance the beauty of your new or renovated property but also to ensure it’s safe and ready for occupancy. With SonRock, you can expect a seamless transition from construction chaos to spotless serenity.

Additional Residential Services We Provide

At SonRock Cleaning Service, we understand that a clean home is the cornerstone of comfort and well-being. That's why we offer an expanded array of professional residential cleaning services designed to cover every aspect of your home's maintenance. Beyond our standard and deep cleaning options, we cater to specialized needs that make your home truly shine

Shower Glass Hard-Water
Stain Removal

We tackle those stubborn hard water stains on shower glass, restoring clarity and sparkle, making your bathroom look brand new.

Pantry Organization

Imagine opening your pantry to see every item perfectly in place, where every ingredient has its spot, making meal prep a breeze and your kitchen a haven of culinary inspiration.

Hardwood Floor
Steam Cleaning

Experience the purity of our chemical-free steam cleaning for your hardwood floors, safeguarding them against damage and maintaining their natural look, for a home that feels fresh and protected.

Dryer Vent

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your home with our Dryer Vent Cleaning service, a simple step towards peace of mind and preventing potential hazards.

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