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Ceiling fans collect dust like nobody's business | Cleaning Hack!

Updated: Apr 7

Clean Your Ceiling Fans With an old Pillowcase!

But reaching them and cleaning effectively can be a pain. 😬

Here's a brilliant hack using something you already have at home: an old pillowcase! 💚

Why a pillowcase?

Dust Trap: The fabric traps dust bunnies inside, preventing them from spreading around the room.

Easy & Effective: Simply slide the pillowcase over each blade and pull it towards you to capture dust.

Multi-Purpose: Works on both sides of the blade for a thorough clean.

Eco-Friendly: Repurposes an old pillowcase instead of using disposable wipes.

Bonus Tip: For extra stubborn dust or grime, dampen the pillowcase slightly before cleaning.

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